WOW….I think I need to take a minute to exhale after this video. Just some time to think.

This video was presented to me by a Denver based, MSW credentialed community organizer, Mike Green. The creator, and subject, of this video has been labeled as a person with ‘low-functioning Autism’. Aside from being an absolutely beautiful commentary on language, oppression and the perils of ‘labeling’, her story provides evidence of social constructivism at work in our world. This demonstrates the clash between dominantly held beliefs on disability and identity and the unheard voice of the marginalized (but certainly not disempowered!). Please check out her story! And ask yourself some questions:

* How did we come to excluding such treasures from our society?

* How can we work together to learn from this story and continue to shatter dominant perceptions of disability?

* How can we act together to embrace the true beauty presented in this story?

The person who made this video has a screen name of silentmiaow and has a blog with great explorations in life…if you care to read futher.

Please enjoy “In my Language”!


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Greetings! In an attempt to nurture the meaningful, supportive and transformational community of social workers that is established while in school, on April 17, 2007 Indiana University School of Social Work students Ellen Holland and Marc McAleavey presented to fellow students on utilizing the Appreciative Inquiry method for creating a conversation of ‘soon to graduate’ masters level social work students. The hope guiding this conversation is that it will be sustained by each other overtime and will result in a more connected network of professional social workers who support one another in life, in work, and in advocating for one another as social workers.

To view the power point presentation presented by Holland and McAleavey, simply click on the link below:



Please note that the power point presentation concludes with an informative list of resources for the Appreciative Inquiry method and process.

We hope you enjoy the linked presentation and, please, stay connected.